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We improve candidate engagement

Recruitment is marketing, creating a good candidate engagment from the outset is good for your brand and good for your business.

Aquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring managers in digital have identified that "attracting the right talent is the biggest hurdle to growing their teams today."

Our Specs

Fully Responsive

We create tailored webpages for every role that we work. They are mobile optimised so that candidates can them view when they want to, how they want to. This way we connect with candidates and create a flow to encourage the to want to know more...

Smooth Interactions

Job specs used to be printed, posted, bought into interviews and that's why they are formatted as if they are written in word today. Our webpages introduce your culture and values, connecting visually, including your social media , industry news, events and more...

First impressions count!

How to attract the best candidates? People make snap judgements, hiring managers do it when they first view a CV and candidates do it when they first view or read a job spec. So how can we improve our chances of standing out from the crowd?

Be Memorable

When we are hungry and we see food we pay attention. We tailor our webpages to connect with our audiences, we create visual journeys of where a candidate is now to a potential role in your company. We inspire an emotional journey connected to your vision and values.

Engaging Content

People don’t read. They scan. So we need to plan accordingly. The decision-making part of our brain (“old brain”) prefers visual stimuli that are processed faster than words and concepts. So we provide visual examples along with full requirements to keep our candidates interested to learn more.

Here's what our clients say about us

"David did an incredible job of hiring for Monolith AI. He really deeply understood us, both the job specs and the company as a whole. He brought a diverse range of candidates within a week, and all of them not only met the job spec but they all were excellent culture fits as well."

Saravanan Sathyanandha
CTO MonolithAI

"David asked the right questions and created a bespoke job spec and advert. David presented candidates that offered the right experience from a diverse range of backgrounds. He submitted them via a web platform which was easy to use and reduced a lot of time. "

Shelly Luciano De Oliveira
Product Leader MonolithAI

"For me combining professional recruitment searches with a social dashboard style space to review potentials is the perfect combination of old school recruitment expertise and modern social job boards."

Guthrie Watson
Head of Design @ Kinto join

"Our permanent hires were for a New Business Manager and Shopify Developers all key positions for Charles next stage of growth, these hires had to be right!

Candi offered advise with regards to the structure of campaign and reassured us that we had best practise for the interview process.

Nic Dunn
Founder @ Charle
Our Job Specs

Are designed and presented on a web page, fully branded, and presented to the candidates via zoom

Candidate Submisions

Are submitted via our talent portal, no emails or attachements you can manage everything in one place

Personalised Process

Your personalised platform can include Testing, Video Introductions, Portfolios & More

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