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Meet the team

Meet The Team

David Pratley-McGill

A Creative Entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in digital, either as a hands-on designer or as a recruitment specialist.

I can offer advice on strategy, structure, culture, and process. I can help you avoid growing pains and build your business the right way.

I can help you locate the best talent and adopt the best digital recruitment strategy for your business.

I know the platforms available to scale digital businesses and the resources needed to commit to this.

I am a hands-on marketer, I understand campaigns, how to build followings and why content is key!

I can code… I understand tech stacks and I build my own apps.

How can I help you?

Hayley Pratley-McGill

An Inclusion advocate and entrepreneur, with over twenty years’ experience in management and training within the charity sector.

I enjoy supporting change and development in the teams or individuals I get to support.

I like to understand what motivates people and how trends influence us.

At Candi we bring together our skills and knowledge to create a launch pad for the new world we are creating and that motivates me.

With a history of coordinating award winning events for the public, health and charity sectors, I now enjoy working with tech4good companies, as I understand the impact this can and will have.

Helen Firth

An experienced recruiter in leading equitable recruitment processes, either in a hands-on capacity or for strategic programmes. My previous experience leading innovative recruiting teams in media companies and working agency side gives me the ability to implement robust strategies to hire the best talent for your business.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the talent market with an extensive network, helping you to define your requirements for individual roles, or a wider recruitment drive with an understanding of, and identifying potential from individuals to join your business.

Bringing different perspectives to an organisation means you are creating products and services for a wider audience. I’m an advocate for hiring inclusively and have experience in implementing robust processes within organisations to allow you to do just that, with buy-in from leadership teams to ensure your business creates a sense of belonging for all colleagues.

Ellis Leahy

UX/UI Designer
A multidisciplinary designer, with skills specialising in Digital Graphic Design, product design and UX/UI design. 

Recently graduated, I provide the team with fresh design eyes for Candi.

I am creating new pages and improving the old to provide a stress free user experience, by increasing engagement and accessibility for all of our users.

I am evaluating all of our users journeys, creating new talent and career portals and pages, simplifying interactions to make our site look great. 

I see life as an experience where I am able to keep learning and improving. Candibox and this experience fits right in with this mantra.

Ultimately Candibox provides me with a great platform for my career, as I am here to learn and master my craft and grow my creative skills.

Kadeem Yarde

Content Producer
A content producer, with experience in creating engaging pieces to educate and entertain.

I create social posts that evolve with the ever growing world of social media, and follow the latest trends to create content that delivers a fresh outlook that is captivating for our audiences.

I am growing Candi's social prescence by working with the team on their social goals and objectives and how each platform works for them. From this I am creating engaging content plans to connect with new audiences in the digital space.

I value inclusivity and social awareness in all that I do, so being a part of the Candibox team really allows me to stay true to myself.

Life is constantly a lesson, and Candibox teaches me everyday to further fine tune my skills to be the best I can.

Alfie Gillard

Digital Talent Specialist
For the past decade, I’ve been a freelance landscape designer and I have recently made the move to recruitment.

I’ve always been inspired by the importance of design and how people experience the spaces I created, which I think has helped me understand the importance of UX, UI and Product Design and how it is changing the digital world we live in.

I’m new to recruitment but I’ve always had an eye for design and an interest in new tech, this change has given be a chance to expand my knowledge in both.

My mission at Candi, is to find talented designers their dream roles and to work with companies making a positive impact.

I enjoy finding out about people and understanding their motivations, in-turn supporting companies to build the right dynamic teams.
Creative People

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Here's what our clients say about our recruitment processes

Guthrie Watson

Because each profile had a candidate summary, CV, portfolio links, and the option to quickly book an interview it made the whole process significantly easier.

For me combining professional recruitment searches with a social dashboard style space to review potentials is the perfect combination of old school recruitment expertise and modern social job boards.

Saravanan Sathyanandha

We approached hiring both a designer and frontend developer in a joint process, allowing us to consider candidates together and see how they would fit together."

The speed of the process was phenomenal, we received really strong candidates quickly, David had already done huge part of the screening process for us, and the communication between all parties was always very swift.

Chief Technical Officer
Nic Dunn

With their support the process of hiring was efficient and well managed, the talent portal that they created was personalised to us and held all essential information regarding each candidate.

The shortlisting was a one click process, the feedback was easy to present and the offer and onboarding was straight forward

Shelly Luciano

David asked the right questions and created a bespoke job spec and advert. David presented candidates that offered the right experience from a diverse range of backgrounds. He submitted them via a web platform which was easy to use and reduced a lot of time. We discussed each candidate and why they could be right."

product Director

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