What makes a good Job Spec?

Posted on
March 8, 2021

Quality is Key.


Good job specs are important when trying to capture a creative in the wild!

Quality candidates will always be difficult to capture the imagination of regardless of the speed of the market.

The pandemic and change in values mean that candidates are looking for something that feeds their soul and not just the table.

We all want exciting opportunities, great culture, positive benefits and development of personal skills.

When your working week is half your life, why waste it doing something you’re not passionate about?


Three other key areas to include and celebrate in a good Job Spec are:


Job Specs need to be clear and concise.

We see job specs that swing to extremes with either too little or too much detail.

Too little is often not engaging and leaves people feeling ill informed and unable to make a choice.

Too much is easily overwhelming, and people get lost in content feeling overwhelmed and will disengage.

Always provide key responsibilities for them to take ownership of and in turn empowering them to see your culture and the opportunities for development too.


Skills Required

Be clear and concise as possible to focus on the main skills needed for the role.

Highlight the preferred processes and knowledge of tools required for the role.


People love a package and feeling looked after… candidates want to work for a brand that values and supports their employees.