Sector - Machine Learning Software
Breakdown - AI, SaaS, Data Visualisation
Outcome - Three key hires completed in 7 weeks
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Identify candidates who have commercial experience within Business to Business Software environments that are looking to join a dynamic start up

Marketing Campaign

Deliver a strategy that connects with all audiences offering value and present an opportunity of longevity and growth to the industry

Brand and Strategy

Over a few Zoom meetings we  developed

Brand Attributes

What do we want to be known for?

Target Groups

How do we let them know we would like to interact with them?

Corporate Goals

How do we meet our budget and skill level requirements?

Team Culture

How do our team describe us?


How we want to sound to others?

We started the process

We Advertised

On LinkedIn, National and Specialist Job Boards

We Engaged

We created a slick visual company webpage for the job spec

We Shortlisted

From hundreds of applicants to dozens of video calls

We Submitted

Our candidates via our web platform

We Communicated

Frequently and timely and kept everyone informed and up to date

We managed 3 hiring campaigns

We Managed

Everything via our platform and interview using Zoom

We Consulted

Everyone involved and ensured there were no surprises

We Listened

To feedback and changed tact where needed

We Matched

Based on skillset and culture fit

We Provided:

Multiple options to ensure the best choice and fit was hired

What MonolithAI had to say

I was hiring for a Digital Marketing Manager a first hire of our marketing team, we had already been looking for someone for 3 months and we had not been able to find anyone the fit the full job spec.

As the only marketing person, the person would be responsible for all aspects of marketing, but most importantly the culture fit needed to be there.  There were various reasons that we were not able to make our hire from the people we were seeing. The main ones being needing someone that understands marketing within a B2B software environment who is also passionate about engineering.

David asked the right questions and created a bespoke job spec and advert. David presented candidates that offered the right experience from a diverse range of backgrounds. He submitted them via a web platform which was easy to use and reduced a lot of time. We discussed each candidate and why they could be right.

I was shocked with the pace that David works and the quality of candidates that he put in front of us. All candidates were qualified, and I had a great experience throughout the process. We completed a range of interviews, all remotely. After the second stage I knew I would definitely be able to make a hire. We managed the offer and onboarding process together and we are very happy with our hire and our new Marketing Manager is incredibly happy too.

Shelly Luciano De Oliveira
Product Leader

We approached hiring both a designer and frontend developer in a joint process, allowing us to consider candidates together and see how they would fit together. We presented the gap that we were looking for, which in one call David understood completely, asked questions, and successfully found a broad range of matching candidates.

Culture is an incredibly important part of our company, and David managed to bring several candidates that all fit the culture really well – this was world's apart from previous processes where we typically only have one or two that shine in the culture fit department.

The speed of the process was phenomenal, we received really strong candidates quickly, David had already done huge part of the screening process already for us, and the communication between all parties was always very swift.

Saravanan Sathyanandha

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