Sector - eCommerce
Breakdown - Shopify Specialist Agency
Permanent Hire - New Business Manager
Freelance Hires - Content, Design & Marketing
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In order to build the best shopify products, you need to build high impact teams. To achieve this we created a process that identified and attracted talented eCommerce specialists, who hold the same customers first values as Charle!

Marketing Campaign

As Charle is a new brand in the market we created a campaign to show a specialist, agile, inquisitive agency that would appeal to creatives, marketers and business development specialists.

Building on Charles awesome site and case studies we attracted a wave of creative thinkers keen to innovate at scale and join a team of incredible people creating new digital products within the evolving Shopify Ecosystem.

Brand and Strategy

Charle & Candi partnered across multiple hires

Candidate Profiles

We spent time learning and understanding Charles requirements to ensure any pontential introduction has the required shopify knowledge

Team Culture

Working with the founder we identified how he would like the business to grow, what type of professionals he works best with, and his vision for the business in 12-24 months time, and aligned this with our candidates motivations

Target Companies

We identified key companies and individuals within within eCommerce to engage with

Charle's Voice

Charle has great copy and engaging tone of voice, we ensured all of our communications and engagements replicated this as an introduction to the brand

Multiple Hiring Campaigns

We Advertised

For every role we advertise on LinkedIn, National and Specialist Job Boards

Network & Headhunting

We have an excellent network in eCommerce and Shopify and are continiously developing our network within this field

We Shortlisted

We telephone and video interview all of our candidates to select the very best in terms of skill and culture

We Submitted

Our candidates via our web platform

We Communicated

Frequently and timely and kept everyone informed and up to date

Multiple Permanent & Freelance Hiring Processes

Managed across the Candi Portal


For all freelance hires we delivered profiles and portfolios within 24 hours


For the permanent New Business Manager role we created a full campaign and completed the hire within 4 weeks. See the talent page here

Ongoing Partnership

So far we have support Charle with 4 freelance and 1 permanent hire and hope to continue providing many more

Culture Fit

Charle is growing agency, they want to create a great place to work and know this is the difference between being a good company and a great company!

What Charle had to say

To date Candi have supported us to make several contract hires as well as a key permanent hire.

Charle was founded In 2018, the business has been growing steadily over the last 18 months and at key stages I have required designers, marketers and content professionals to support a range ecommerce projects.

Candi has provided an efficient recruitment process for my contractors who are exceptional within their fields. Candi understood Charles hiring needs and ethos, they knew that as a successful start-up every hire was key, as the new team members would need to keep up with a fast-moving dynamic agency environment.

The permanent hire was for a “New Business Manager” and a key position for Charles next stage of growth, this hire had to be right!

Candi offered advise with regards to the structure of campaign and reassured us that we had best practise for the interview process.

With their support the process of hiring was efficient and well managed, the talent portal that they created was personalised to us and held all essential information regarding each candidate.

The shortlisting was a one click process, the feedback was easy to present and the offer and onboarding was straight forward for all parties. I highly recommend Candi for any digital freelance or permanent hires.

Nic Dunn
Founder @ Charle

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