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Simon Jeffries

Product Designer


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Christina Wokin

UI Designer


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Victoria Atkin

Product Designer


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Our Recruitment Processes


We use skills and tests at the beginning of our processes to determine if a candidate is a good fit. We will save you hundreds hours by reviewing resumes to identify if the have the key elements needed for the role before progressing to an interview.


Once we have created our initial shortlist we call all our candidates. Based on the key criteria we have discussed with you we will build a list of pro's and con's, strengths and weaknesses. From here schedule indepth video interviews to confirm suitability.


We prepare our video interviews in advance so we ask the right questions. We identify how seriously candidates are considering the position, we identify their culutre fit alongside skills and experience before presenting them to you.

Real Time Tasks & Take Home Projects?

We integrate your interview tasks and tests into the process. We provide resources for your managers and candidates to prepare and ensure they all have the best interview experience possible.

Our Job Specs

Are designed and presented on a web page, fully branded, and presented to the candidates via zoom

Candidate Submisions

Are submitted via our talent portal, no emails or attachements you can manage everything in one place

Personalised Process

Your personalised platform can include Testing, Video Introductions, Portfolios & More

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