When starting  your new Quest

As recruiters  we talk to designers and creators daily about opportunities and roles.

We love  finding people the right role and helping businesses add to their talent.

We look at  the CV’s and portfolios, often starting the search in LinkedIn so making a  good impression is tough especially in a post Covid world.

The culture  of today is fast moving, and demand is there BUT first impressions is the “dungeon key”.

At Candi we want  to see people succeed, especially our network of specialist and clients who return to us as their teams grow.

Here’s our world  map to level up your profile:


Make LinkedIn  Count – If your account isn’t up to date and representing you best you are  missing a beat. Content is key and you should use your profile to show what you  have done and learned along your journey. A profile picture that gives you  context is great to.


CV Ready – We  often contact people who may not be available to work, because they have the  skills we are looking for. If the opportunity finds you it is great to have a  current CV in order to avoid delay or missed opportunity. In our perfect  world it is best practise to add to your CV and LinkedIn as soon as you are  established in your new roles. It saves you time and gives you the platform  needed or your next leap.


Content –  Keep it current and engaging. Proofread for spellings. Keep language and  imaging inclusive… do not fall into the “lack of attention to detail” by not  giving your profile the edit time it needs.


Make Links –  Reach out and contact the recruiter or company advertising the job you are applying for. On average we send 250 messages that 10% respond to of which we would hold a minimum of 25 interviews in order to put forward 5 – 6 candidates into the next stage.

So, it helps to show interest and engage early, so we see you beyond the standard applicant.


Edit for  Success – Titles change in role and relevance; some are broad and may need you to list experience and skills required in role as it makes it clear and adaptable.


Digitalise –  Make key documents electronic and easy to share. You will regularly be asked  for key documents, so take images and store them in an easy access file. i.e. Passport, ID, Degrees, Certifications, Proof of residency.


Social Media –  The truth is, now more then ever, your socials will be trolled to find out who you are. They want to know you are and understand what you stand for. Culture is key and your history can’t lie… be thoughtful of what you post, and you may need to review historical rampages that may no longer identify with you.


Salary – It  is not our role to tell you what you’re worth, be ready to be asked, be reasonable and consider your opportunities for development in a new role. Set a goal and stick to it. Do not lie about your current salary to negotiate beyond a budget. Payslips maybe requested and the reality could be detrimental.

Transparency is key in both circumstance and expectation.