Recruiting effectively in a candidate-driven market

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November 3, 2021

A candidate-driven market means companies are competing to attract top talent.

To summarise, it will cost more and require genuine commitment from all parties to ensure a fast and efficient hiring process where you are not outbid by a competitor with a bigger budget.

What’s makes candidates walk away for your opportunity?

Hiring Squad & Interview

Candidate engagement is measured on the positive impression they receive in the hiring process.

If the process requires too much effort with regards to testing rounds and multiple discussions. Candidates are reserving the right to say no and move on to a different role due to high volumes of interview opportunities.

Review your interviewing process…

·       Take advantage of video calls and online presentations.

·       Don’t expect candidates to want to meet face to face until final stages

·       Make interview rounds or requirements clear

·       Strong Hiring Squad Dynamic

Make Advertising Accessible

Tailor to your market and break down the information so it’s inclusive and accessible.

Highlight key points including wage, benefits & responsibilities,

We would recommend focusing on a good mobile experience.

·       70% of Millennials & Gen Xers search on mobile device.

·       50% of Baby Boomers search on mobile device.

Remember: The average person spends 3.5hrs on their phone for most daily tasks

Positive Online Application

Honest Feedback from the candidates we engage with…

·       Candidates want to know how long an application will take BEFORE applying

·       If ittakes more than 20 minutes to apply candidates will drop out of the process

·       An average candidate will wait 2 weeks to hear feedback before losing focus on a role.

Candi Insite: Only 2% of online applications will be right for your role

After Interview

Support your candidates… we hope recruiters show a candidate alot of love during the hiring process. It’s what we do, and we find sometimes retention fails when candidates become staff and details can be missed,especially when working remotely.

To all you line managers:

·       What does their first two weeks look like?

·       How and when can they introduce themselves to peers?

·       Beyond paperwork what does the onboarding journey consist of?

Annual surveys highlight how billions of pounds are wasted due to bad or negative onboarding processes having an impact on role transition and retention due to new employees not fully understanding their role.

Low Rate of Return

·       Create a success model and define what the right hires look like, you will then be able to direct internally or inform external recruiters exactly what is required based on your current dynamic.

·       Talk about what kind of training, onboarding they will be getting and what this would look like if working remotely.

·       Understand the culture of the team and what types of individuals or personalities will support the development.

·       Make every hire a data-driven decision.

And Remember

Your candidates are looking for the best possible opportunity which isn’t just financially led.

They want to know that their next step is the right one, your preparation and knowledge will impact on how your business is represented!

Commit to a Process - Keep processes Manageable - Communicate with Candidates