Post-Covid Team Building

Posted on
March 8, 2021

Post-Covid Team Building


It is not always easy to get it right!

Who knows what a post pandemic world will look like, we can predict many things but we know for sure the impact it’s had on the way we work and how we manage our teams.


At Candi we have seen companies excel and flounder through this time.

The ones that have really gone on to achieve, are those who adjusted their vision rather than stick to a plan. Companies that have been transparent in development and clear in communications have grown and added to their foundations.


I heard it quoted recently from a CEO level that the culture should now be redefined as

“Work Wherever, Forever “


The pandemic has resulted in a normalisation of remote access and it’s fuelled the digital transformation of companies of all sizes.


A post-covid world will be a new blend of physical and remote working, seems unlikely that businesses and their teams will go back to environments where they sit in rows of desks and communicate through barriers.


In recent surveys in the UK, 65% have said that they would be more productive working from home than in an open plan office, but 55% felt that it was harder collaborating with others at home.

People miss the social opportunity, the coffee machine moment or laughs on the corridor.

They feel this is where the workplace bonding happens organically, the meet and greet factor where you see more then a formal interaction reducing barriers and empowering open discussion.


And let us not avoid the fact that each person’s journey through the pandemic has been unique to them. There will inevitably be mental health discussions required and support for people to process trauma and manage their anxiety as they ease into the new “norm”. The pandemic has affected people across many areas of their lives and we now need to build them up from their current foundations.


We hope that the new company template is adjustable for all!