Obstacles, Adversity & Thriving... It's just what we do!

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July 22, 2021

Our job is to get to know people, hear their story and help them write their next chapter.

Sometimes their stories define them, sometimes their stories are a foot note to an overall journey. We know what it means to listen, understand and empathies. We think that this makes us great advocates for the companies and candidates we support.

Many recent conversations have highlighted anxieties and concerns that people have regarding unpredictable futures, so we wanted to share our thoughts about facing obstacles, overcoming adversity and thriving in these challenging times.

Facing obstacles in our lives:

From childhood we are encouraged to try and face obstacles to the best of our abilities, but dependant on your role models in life the way we deal with life’s obstacles will be remarkably diverse. To overcome obstacles, we must address and process the challenges we face to achieve our goals.

In consultations we have asked people what they want from themselves or others when dealing with obstacles in life and the following observations came up:

·        Face it – Do not avoid the issue…

·        Be realistic – Do not be hard on yourself and do the best that you can to resolve or address the problem.

·        The inner saboteur – You are likely your harshest critique, be good to yourself.

·        Break it down – Make the task manageable for you and share the load if the problem will be easier to solve.

·        Stay Positive – Be your own cheerleader when the obstacles are tough.

And can we mention… complaining! Try not to complain, if you do, understand that if you repeat yourself with no attempt at change, people will switch off and not take your situation seriously. It will eventually become an “eyeroll” moment with peers if you do not realise or recognise this in your behaviour!

Overcoming adversity:

To overcome adversity is to be successful irrespective of challenges.

Some of the greatest examples of overcoming adversity have resulted in cultural changes or significant personal development. Sometimes it’s about losing everything as you know it, to see what you actually have.

In consultations we have asked people what they want from themselves or others when dealing with adversity in life and the following observations came up:

·        Set short term plans & goals – Make it bite sized and manageable.

·        Communication is important – Speak up if you need support.

·        Healthy Risk is important – Some risk is important, as it adds value to an experience.

·        Look after yourself – Do things that make you feel safe or content.

·        Understand what you have learned – Good or Bad you can learn from it.


Thriving in uncertainty:


To survive means we continue to exist, to thrive means we blossom, prosper or succeed. Surviving is doing what is necessary to live but thriving combines addressing obstacles and overcoming adversity to live to what might be classed as your full potential…

In consultations we have asked people what they want from themselves or others when facing uncertainty in life and the following observations came up:

·        Try something new – If you don’t try you won’t know if it was the answer you needed.

·        Find Stability in the storm – A partner, a friend, a family member, your safe place… whatever or whoever it might be to find your unique self. No mask, no pretence.

·        Learning through crisis – Find ways to evaluate your processes and coping strategies. Was it Healthy?  Not everything we learn in life needs to stick! Reflect on your journey and learn for next time.

If you need to talk and don't know where to start, there are some amazing charities and organisations that are trained and can offer good advise... Remember that your feelings are valid and you are valued, so get the support that you need.

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