Negative  Perfection:


Perfection is  a word often used these days as something we should strive for… seek out at  all cost!


Sacrifices  will be required to achieve this perfection often effecting your happiness  and time.

Some people succeed in their goal and some struggle immensely, often losing their  identity and self-worth in others ideology.


This is what I  refer to when we talk about negative perfection… when it becomes something  that consume us, a barrier, or toxic rhetoric to your individual growth.


I often think  of a quote my father shared with me as a child, as a small business owner he  had experienced some tough time on his journey but was always the deepest  thinker.

The quote was  as follows:


“It does not  matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”  Confucius


My  interpretation of these words is that we cannot let the fear of failure stop  our growth, failure is ok because we learn from it. The minute we stall or  stop we create barriers in our path.



·         Just keep moving forward – Pareto Principle  states that 80% of our success will come from 20% of our work.

·         See your unique skills and play to your  advantage – You are individual and unique, collaborate and welcome discussion  as your views will be of value.

·         Embrace your success – Take a moment to feel  joy, the world moves fast, and you should share your successes.