Managing Interview Anxiety

Posted on
April 26, 2021

Managing interview Anxiety

By the time our candidates have a scheduled interview with the businesses we support, they would have the opportunity to:

Review the role

Discuss details

Learn about the companies dynamic

Understand the aims for the company

Know how the new role would support

The best part of our work is finding the right people for the right job!

It sounds simple but behind this statement is a lot of work involving many parties, but a lot of pressure sits with our amazing candidates.

Interviews will always trigger anxiety and this most likely will not change regardless of if we interview face to face or remotely.

We can’t fix this as it’s all part of human nature (i.e., fight or flight), but we hope that we can share our top three pre and post interview coping strategies.

Create a calming space.

When getting ready for your interview make time to create a space that you are happy in.

Set the scene for your success and prioritise the area around you so that it feels:

·       Calming for your mind.

·       Safe to discuss any topic.

·       Distraction free.

A bonus could also be that it sets the scene of who you are… e.g., we have set up our office space to reflect us, we have objects and art in our scenery that gives people talking points and character reference which starts regular conversations unintentionally.

Understands your strengths and weaknesses.

No-ones perfect and on any given day it is okay to not be okay.

Review your portfolio and update it to show the work your most proud of... from personal project to your professional pieces all helps to build a picture of who you are and your skills. Refresh yourself on this so you don't feel any pressure when asked about areas of your work. This will reflect in your discussion and take the stress out of recalling your projects and history.

Be good to yourself and know that what you bring to the discussion is valued and unique to you.

Every interviewer will ask you what your skills and weaknesses are, and it is good to know these and how they effect your approach.

Manage your anxiety around this by remembering that they do not define you and highlight how your coping strategies work and come into play when you are in full flow rather than in an interview scenario.


Before and after the interview make sure you have a ritual of sorts to support the de-escalation of your inner saboteur.

You may have a clear view as to how an interview or discussion went but most creatives will over process (It is a superpower in all other situations!), and can easily lose confidence if they do not get a timely response. Use your distractions and outlets to de-stress and reconnect with yourself.

Know that your experience is valid, and feedback will follow.

A good recruiter will make it a priority to champion their candidates with the clients and get feedback where ever possible, so everyone gets a “full circle” experience.

Here at Candi Digital Ltd we will always do our best to make the recruitment process as stress-free as possible for all parties involved and to find out more about what we do and the roles we have available, check out our page.