Inclusion in teams…

There are many benefits to being inclusive and here are our key ones that we hope you will find helpful.



Natural progression:

Inclusion helps your business become progressive and promotes positive bonds between employees which supports team development.

It helps organisations create better results and productivity through synergy.



Reducing Issues:

Inclusion promotes appreciation of roles in the workplace and reduces β€œteam” rivalry. It reduces toxic environments and helps people understand and appreciate varied cultures, personalities, and circumstances.



Empathy matters:

Being inclusive fosters growth and independency, which is sustainable. Empathy is key to being given access to any individuals personal world. Empathy in the work environment helps us to recognise patterns of behaviour and promotes self-care plans for individuals who need additional support or maybe transitioning through a crisis.




Diversity and Inclusion is not a buzz word for policies or websites. It is your values, understanding, knowledge and time. Make it part of your weekly routine to expand your general knowledge on something new or that you have questioned recently, so that you can be best informed from an external perspective.



Peer Support:

In supervision or casual discussion barriers to inclusion are often resolved when peer mentoring is an integral part of induction and professional development.

We need mentors who are diverse in knowledge and background. This reduces the risks of uncultured bias and empowers open discussion and personal connection, across age, culture, ability, and background.


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