How to build a great company culture?

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April 14, 2021

1/ Listen.

Develop an understanding of your teams’ culture and preferred approach. Create opportunity for peers to engage and listen to one another. If you can develop the skill of engagement and empathy, then a better understanding will follow.

2/ Create growth from your current culture.

The process of growth needs to feel organic but still be managed. Recruitment is key to ensure diversity is valued, inclusion is not just a buzzword and synergy becomes key in growth.

3/Provide a structure of opportunity for development within roles.

Take an interest in employee career goals and prioritise job shadowing to create opportunity for interaction, which leads to proactive mentoring.

Where possible rotate employee roles to support natural progression, which intern assists you to create a “succession planning program” that maps the skills, abilities, and goals of each employee.

Promote virtual training so that it can be more frequent and focused on the current needs.

Have a clear vision of the end goal and bring your employees on the journey… if everyone is engaged and understand the route, the “Big Picture” is always in view.

Remember, it’s not easy in a start up dynamic, but try to support your employees "work - life" balance, burn out is real… 2020/21 has had consequences and stress for everyone, so be kind.

It will make a difference!


4/ Make time for your teams’ emotional wellbeing.

Try to provide positive outlets promoting play and emotional wellness so that your teams can deescalate or destress in a fun, safe way.

5/ Make the workload meaningful to ensure jobsatisfaction and boost employee engagement.

Simple really…

6/ Promote a positive mindset.

Be a role model for change and promote a positive mindful approach throughout your team. Encourage positivity where possible, we like the line of being positive 90% of the time. Then everyone knows we are aiming for a fun approach but understand that someday that 10% is valid because life is not always perfect.

7/ Engage with social connections.

If someone takes the time to connect make that interaction have value! Regardless of the type of engagement or feedback, aim to respond within a timely fashion and with an empathetic approach. Be a voice in your community and know that the simple act of liking, loving, or sharing someone’s message does make a difference.


8/ Create professional networks.

It is great to collaborate and extend your world beyond your business. Networking has changed post pandemic, so find ways to continue the opportunity... checkout the app Clubhouse (Not available on android) Socialising from your sofa's has never been so informative and people have actually gained jobs, funding and peer support if you find the right discussion!


9/ Empower shared goal setting.

We all know how good it feels to set a task list and achieve the goal of ticking it off! It gives us that sweet serotonin release when we achieve our goals so a tracker for it cannot be a bad thing.

Check out the following task manager tool link for more info:



Hey Space:


10/ Give back where you can.

Try to give time, skills, or knowledge to a charity in your community, ask your team if there is a charity that they currently champion, or if there is a local start-up project that you could champion as part of a charitable project. It needs to be something your team can get behind and advocate, it will lead to an increase in empathy and a better understanding of what skills they can offer to make change happen in their local communities.

Here’s a link for some great advice: