When you grow up in an era of technological advances the thought of change is easy to imagine.

I was lucky to grow up in a time of first, where movies showed us the edges of our imagination and raised awareness of new things including dreams of galaxies far, far away!

We were geeks before it was mainstream and our role models had a tangible feel to them, they were honest in opinion and looks… it was not hard to image yourself in their shoes, discovering new worlds or adventuring where no one had been before.


Now do not get me wrong… The governance and powers of that time where still corrupt, where still idealistic rather than realistic and the culture around us was by no means inclusive by any measure… we’ve learned that somethings don’t change, and other things change far too slowly.

But there were so many first that it felt you could dream big and achieve greatness if you worked hard and played well with others.


Now days the general vibe is that it is easier to be disconnect mentally whilst being fully connected technologically.

The pressure to be someone, doing something that results in likes and positive attention is draining and can lead to dependency and negatively affecting our mental health.

We know first-hand the importance of changing our focus…prioritising yourself and removing toxic influences enables us to understand ourselves better.

We will always encourage you to do you… do not be manipulated by others narratives and if it feels wrong for you it probably is.

Our future blogs will share our views, role models and knowledge. We aim to show you who Candibox is through our words and actions.

Empaths welcome!